2024 Prior Year Summit

The most anticipated event of the year, the IITA Summit features three days of education, business appointments, and connections among the leading inbound operators, DMOs, suppliers and other industry organizations from across the country.

IITA's renowned education features industry leaders, government officials, and IITA member experts discussing a range of inbound travel topics including trends, best practices, and strategies for growth.

Power Hours - a hybrid between speed-networking and traditional appointments - allow inbound operators to meet with DMO and supplier partners and potential partners to learn about their travel products and services. 

The intimate atmosphere creates the perfect setting for attendees to meet everyone even outside of the Power Hours. Enjoying the host city's events and tours together, sitting together in education sessions, and sharing meals and laughter throughout, all make the IITA Summit a unique, family-like event that inbound travel professionals look forward to every year.

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