Roles and Responsibilities

Board of Directors


2 years


Board Structure:

Chairman - Inbound Operator (IO)

Vice Chairman - Inbound Operator

Past Chair - Inbound Operator

Secretary - IO / Sustaining

Treasurer - IO / Sustaining

Advisory Council Rep - Sustaining

Inbound Operator Director (4)

Supplier Director (1)

DMO Director (1)

At-Large Director (2) - Any category

Honorary – up to 3 Industry Leaders


  • Mission and purpose. Establish, support and periodically review the mission to ensure it articulates IITA’s purpose for serving members.
  • Ensure effective planning. Actively participate in an overall planning process; assist in implementing and monitoring the plan’s goals.
  • Monitor and strengthen programs and services. Determine what programs are consistent with the mission and monitor effectiveness.
  • Support the chief executive. Ensure that the chief executive has the support needed to further the goals of the organization.
  • Ensure adequate financial resources. Secure resources to fulfill the mission.
  • Protect assets and provide financial oversight. Oversee the annual budget and ensure proper financial controls are in place.
  • Build a competent board. Articulate prerequisites for candidates, orient new members, and periodically and comprehensively evaluate the Board's own performance.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity. Adhere to legal standards and ethical norms.
  • Serve as “IITA Ambassadors.” Promote IITA to members, prospects, partners and sponsors.
  • Support the Cause. Contribute to fund-raising campaigns and secure donations from others to support the cause.


Legal Responsibilities



Leadership Structure